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News: The Matrix Online Patch 7.3414

Items listed on this page were part of the latest game patch.

Version 7.3414

  • Bug causing some mobs to not respawn as quickly as they should has been fixed.
  • Bug causing some computers in mission areas with green crosshairs on them to not be interactive has been fixed.
  • Black Widow boss no longer respawns immediately.
  • Players now get a pop-up message if they need to update their version of Windows Media Player to use MxORadio.
  • Problems with missions placed in rowhouses (Mannsdale) have been fixed.
  • NPCs can no longer have PvP flags flipped by attacking players with PvP enabled.
  • Animations for players who are Invisible have been updated.
  • Guard Breaker now downgrades an opponent's Block Tactics instead of Melee Damage Resistance.
  • Chance to successfully Decompile stacked items has been increased to the same level as Decompiling non-stacked items.
  • Procedural mission locations no longer appear too close to each other.
  • Players now lose Organization reputation for both fighting that Organizations members in a mission and for earning reputation for an opposing Organization.
  • Parallax Club now features music by Hostility.
  • Percentage chance to gain reputation when completing a mission has been adjusted down to correct levels.
  • Bug preventing Disguises from breaking when interacting with some mission objects has been fixed.

Posted by The Matrix Online Team

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