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News: The Matrix Online Update 32

Items on this page are part of update 32.

Featured Changes

  • Players will be required to use an SOE Station account to log on to The Matrix Online. as of Monday, August 15, 2005.
  • All non-deleted characters active before August 15, 2005 will receive a special token in their Inventories. This token can be redeemed with Loripor (Collector near the Mara Central hardline) for a transition bonus item--either a pair of shades or a jacket. These items grant the following bonuses when activated either via your hotbar or through the Action panel:
    • +5 Viral Transmission
    • +5 Viral Deflection
    • +5 Combat Tactics
    These bonuses last for 10 seconds and have a 10-minute re-use timer.
  • AIM support has been removed from in-game chat.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug that caused the Teleport option on the Hardline radial menu to occasionally not work has been fixed.

Posted by The Matrix Online Team

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