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News: The Matrix Online Patch 7.462

Items on this page are part of the version 7.462 patch.

This patch is being released along with the planned world merge. Players will be receiving a special in-game item when they first log on after the merge. Please make sure you have at least one open Inventory slot on all characters before servers go offline at 12:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, August 2, 2005!

Featured Changes

  • Players will receive an RSI Attribute Reconfiguration Hack item in their Inventories. This one-use item will reset a character's Attributes to their original scores and allow players to add earned Attribute points where they see fit.
  • Players now have 3 character slots for each world. Slots will initially be filled by any characters migrated to the new worlds from their original worlds. If a player has fewer than three characters on the merging worlds, he or she will have open slots to create new characters in.

Changes and Improvements

  • Players will now recieve an XP reward the first time a new Hardline is synchronized. ***
  • Earned XP for some Introductory and Seduction missions for each Organization has been increased to correct levels.
  • NPCs no longer initiate Interlock unless intentionally attacked. (They will still use Free Ranged attacks.)

Bug Fixes

  • Chateau Guards now have their mohawks properly rendered.
  • PVP flag now flipped on attacker if attacker uses Wounding Throw or Sever Artery on another player.
  • Bug allowing stealthed characters to move at normal speed after using an elevator has been fixed.
  • Bug causing a crash when trying to sort some Marketplace pages has been fixed.
  • A bug causing characters to be stuck in Interlock during multi-on-one combat has been fixed.
  • Gang members now have the appropriate gang tag.
  • Bug causing the Reconstruct button to not work correctly has been fixed.

*** A possible exploit was discovered while testing the hardline XP gain. The team is working on a fix for this problem and hardline XP will be turned on as soon as we can patch the game.

Posted by The Matrix Online Team

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